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Hutchesons' Grammar School

Addition of single story extension to 2 gyms and additional changing rooms.

Project Description
The extension adopted materials used in the original sports building whilst the massing and roof profile ensured minimal impact on the detailing.  The mon-pitch roof allowed the cardio suite to have an internal mezzanine space to accommodate the spin bikes and rowing machines.

Site Conditions
The extension is located on the East elevation of the existing school sports building at a key point for the transit of pupils between the sports building, running track and the main school buildings.  Detailed discussions took place with the school bursar team to ensure the safety of the pupils and staff whilst minimising the impact on the day-to-day running of the school.  The works programme was scheduled to take full benefit of the summer break.


Sports Extension 1

Conditioning suite 1

Sports Extension 2


Sports Extension 3

Conditioning suite 2

Sports Extension 4

Rowing machines

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