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We have a long and varied track record of work to educational buildings in providing architectural services at multiple centres of education across the country for all ages and in both the public and private sector (examples of which are listed below).  Work at each of these centres created the need to explore the demands of the education world at various levels and this has established within the practice a wide range of skills in the planning and detailing of schools and colleges of all types.


Projects have been undertaken at various further education campuses and for numerous faculties at each of these sites;


  • City of Glasgow College (CGC)

  • College of Commerce (latterly part of CGC)

  • College of Building & Printing (latterly part of CGC) (pictured)

  • Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)
  • University of Glasgow (UoG)

  • University of Strathclyde (UoS)

Some recent examples of typical projects are listed below;

  • UoS, 2023, Specialist Lab alterations, John Anderson Building, £300k. Alterations to existing lab facility.

  • UoS, 2023, Sinter Lab alterations, Wolfson Building, £150k. Alterations to lab facility to update services and equipment.


  • UoS, 2019, Specialist Lab alterations, TIC Building, Feasibility Study. Alterations to existing unallocated area to provide specialist lab facility.

  • UoS, 2019, Exam hall alterations, former Sports Centre, Feasibility Study. Provision of fire escape proposals to allow former sports centre to be used as exam space.

  • UoS, 2019, Factory unit alterations, £1.2m. Offices and Class 8 clean room facilities for LMC.


A sample list of projects at various secondary school establishments is detailed below;​

The High School of Glasgow

  • Science Wing, Senior School, 2022, £660k. External new build storage space with separte internal fit-out of attic space to create new Geography classrooms and break-out space.

  • Rectors Suite, Senior School, 2018, £130k. Reconfiguration of offices, waiting area and toilets.

  • Health & Wellbeing Suite, Senior School, 2017, £500k. Extension to provide additional space for pupil and staff welfare including nurse room, quiet spaces and toilets.

Hutchesons’ Grammar School

  • Cardio & Fitness Suites, Senior School, 2018, £585k. Extension to existing sports facility to provide new cardio and fitness suites including toilets, shower and locker areas.

East Ayrshire Council

  • Willowbank Special Educational Needs School (pictured), 2014, £10m. Drawing and site management services for new build school.


Our experience in this sector has also been developed over many years at the locations given below;

  • Kilmaurs Primary School

  • Broomhill Primary School

  • Hurlford Primary School

  • Catrine Primary School

  • Mount Carmel Primary School

  • Newmils Primary School

  • St. Patricks Primary School

  • Junior School, The High School of Glasgow

We would also provide a selection of projects by way of demonstrating skills for this area;

East Ayrshire Council

  • Toilet Upgrade, 2023, £300k. Internal upgrade to toilet facilities Kilmaurs Primary with works scheduled for the summer break.

  • Hurlford Primary School (pictured), 2018, £3.4m. Extension to provide extended dining, nursery and toilet facilities for early years and primary age pupils.

  • Toilet Upgrades to 2 primary schools, 2016, £160k. Internal upgrades to numerous toilet facilities across several schools with works completed within the summer break.

  • Willowbank Special Educational Needs School (pictured above), 2014, £10m. Drawing and site management services for new build school.


Examples of work in this area often overlap with projects noted above as they can be co-located at the same facility.

  • Cairns Nursery School

  • Catrine Nursery School

  • Hurlford Primary School

  • Kindergarten, The High School of Glasgow (pictured)

Specific examples from recent projects include;

  • Early Years extension, Cairns Nursery, 2019, £1m. Extension to existing nursery facility to expand available space for pre-school children.

  • Hurlford Primary School, 2018, £3.4m. Extension to provide extended dining, nursery and toilet facilities for early years and primary age pupils.

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